How You Can Live a Life of Real Value

November 16, 2018

Are you familiar with the life of John D. Rockefeller? The oil business tycoon. Incredibly successful, right? At one time in his career, he was making a million dollars a week!

But Rockefeller was very sick. He was overcome by stress and the management of his great empire. He had stomach ulcers, and for years he could eat only milk and crackers. He suffered from insomnia and even began to lose all his hair. If something did not change, Rockefeller would succumb to the weight of his own success.

Then, somebody introduced him to Jesus Christ. And once he understood God’s principle of stewardship, his life completely changed.

Rockefeller discovered that whatever stuff we have, already belongs to God. And He entrusts us with things so we can do His good will on earth. This set Rockefeller free!

So he began to give money away. He began to do all kinds of charitable things in America and around the world, and in a couple of years, Rockefeller got well! In fact, he lived to be 98.

That’s the miracle of God’s grace – of knowing the proven truth of His Word. Because it’s only through Him that we can live a truly happy, fulfilled life of real value.

By God’s grace, The Winning Walk has been encouraging friends like you with His truth for 40 years now. And through this journey I pray the proven truth of God’s Word has added real value to your life – as your generous support is doing the same for many others.

Thank you!