A good habit

March 14, 2021
“…let Thine ear now be attentive and Thine eyes open to hear the prayer of Thy servant which I am praying before Thee now, day and night…” - NEHEMIAH 1:6

Before undertaking a major challenge, Nehemiah prayed “day and night.” In other words, he prayed “without ceasing.” That is the picture of someone with a hacking cough that goes on all throughout the day until it becomes a habit. We just do it unconsciously. This is how we ought to pray. We are to pray constantly, and faithfully, and over and over, until our prayers are so much a part of who we are that we remain on praying ground throughout the day.

What happens when Christians do not pray? Nothing. Learn to live on praying ground and God will not only hear your requests - He will answer in accordance with His perfect plan and purpose.

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