A life security system

December 27, 2019
"For every house is built by someone, but the builder of all things is God. - HEBREWS 3:4

Home security systems have come a long way! Now you can be anywhere in the world and see who’s at your door and even talk to them. But homes aren’t the only things that need security systems. Every life needs one, too! What are the components of a life security system?

First, be controlled by the love of God, by letting His love dictate your thoughts and actions. Second, be wise in the fear of God. Understand that He is holy and just. Third, be certain of His judgment. One day we will stand before Him and be accountable for every thought and deed. Fourth, be identified with the cause of God. Fly your flag for Him, and fly it high.

Finally, be accountable to the people of God. Don’t be fooled into thinking your life is “burglar proof.” Set up your security system today.