A look, a word, a touch

February 21, 2017
Better is open rebuke than a love that is concealed. –PROVERBS 27:5
There are three simple things that express care to our loved ones. They are not particularly complex or artistic like a chocolate soufflé—they are more like bread: filling, simple, satisfying. What are these three things? A look. A word. A touch. Several years ago I was in Dallas, Texas, at a basketball game for high school all-stars. 

My son, Cliff, and another young man from his school were competing with athletes from private schools across the state. Since all three of my sons played basketball, I have been to hundreds of games—and I have loved every one of them. In fact, it is a good thing there were never any games scheduled on Sunday morning, or our pulpit would have been empty! This particular game would be Cliff’s final game of his high school career. In the final moments of the game, he looked up at me in the stands—just a long, long look at his dad. And that look of love just filled me up! That was all it took. Just that moment, that look, and I was full. 

You can love someone, believe in them, think they are great, but unless you express that with a word, a look or a touch, they may never know it. It takes so little time, and costs us nothing, but these three things are an investment that pay dividends for life.
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