Actions speak louder than words

December 13, 2019
“For the Law was given through Moses; grace and truth were realized through Jesus Christ.” – John 1:17

A young couple was under tremendous pressure, and one day the wife just snapped. While her husband was at work, she packed up the kids and took them to the in-laws and walked out. That night, the husband called and pleaded with her, saying, “I love you. Come home. I miss you!” She just hung up.

This went on for three months, until finally the husband tracked down where she was living and went and knocked on her door. When she opened the door, she ran into his arms. They wept and cried together, then drove back home.

Later on, the husband asked, “All those times I begged you to come back. I told you I loved you. Why didn’t you return?” And she answered, “At first those were only words. But then you actually came!”

Throughout the Old Testament, we read accounts of the prophets who foretold the coming of Jesus. But in the Gospel accounts of the birth of Christ, we read that Jesus became flesh and lived among us. God not only told us how much He loved us – He sent His only begotten Son to show us.

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