Anchoring your anchor

January 22, 2022
"They will have no fear of bad news; their hearts are steadfast, trusting in the Lord." – PSALM 112:7

The Gulf of Mexico is filled with oil rigs, so whenever a hurricane takes aim on the area, all focus turns to anchoring the rigs. Let me ask you a question. When storms approach, or even make landfall on your life, where do you anchor your rig, your heart? If our hearts are not secured, they can be wrecked or swept away when storms rush through. The only place to anchor the human heart is to the heart of God Himself.

In EXODUS 3:14, God tells Moses His name is “I AM WHO I AM.” Did you get that? Not “I Was,” or “I Will Be,” but “I AM” – God is ever-present, constant, changeless, and faithful. You and I can therefore be confident that we can anchor our hearts to His heart, and if we’ll do that, we can stand up to any storm.

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