Chess Grandmaster

October 12, 2023
Chess Grandmaster
"He has made everything beautiful in its time."
Ecclesiastes 3:11

Years ago I decided to try my hand at chess. I must confess I lost a lot more games than I won. Now imagine for a moment we’re playing against a chess grandmaster. Who’s going to win the match? You’re right! Although you and I have the freedom to move our pieces on the chess board, the grandmaster knows the formula for winning, so he’s always ahead of us.

That’s the picture of God’s will and sovereignty in our lives. God moves us to win in life. We may look around and think our lives are a mess! But God is sovereign and is always several moves ahead of us making everything work for our good and His glory. So what we see as a mess, God is making beautiful. Our Heavenly Grandmaster is making you and making me into His winners.

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