Chicken feathers!

March 18, 2020
"Kind words heal and help; cutting words wound and maim." - PROVERBS 15:4

Years ago, I served as the chaplain for the University of South Carolina Fighting Gamecocks football team. One year, after losing to our arch rival Clemson Tigers, I received a giant box filled with chicken feathers with this note: “Found these scattered all over our football field. Thought your Gamecocks might want them back!” I kept that box one year. Before the Clemson game the next season, I opened the box of feathers, read the note, and threw the feathers all over the team and locker room! I said, “You’ve got your feathers back. Now let’s go show them how Gamecocks fight!” We won that year!

Words are powerful. They can wound and maim, or they can heal and help. They can even fire up a football team for a big game. So let me ask you: How are you going to use your words, your “box of feathers” today?

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