First Place

February 14, 2024
First Place
"You shall have no other gods before Me."
Exodus 20:3

When my son Cliff was little, someone gave him a small violin. He wasn’t able to play it, so I picked it up. I even read an instruction book! But playing that violin was a challenge, and after a while I put it aside. If you had asked me if there was any music in that violin, I would have replied, “Absolutely not.” But take that same violin, put it in the hands of a skilled musician, and watch what happens. That musician has met the condition that it takes – the discipline and talent to play that violin. 

What conditions do we need to meet in order to enjoy the very best God has for us?  First and foremost, God wants us to get rid of other gods in our lives. Actively choose to give Him first place in your life and see what a difference a total commitment to Him will make.

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