Illusion machine

October 25, 2018
For I was envious of the arrogant as I saw the prosperity of the wicked … the imaginations of their heart run riot. - PSALM 73:3, 7

The heart that parades its immoral victories is marching on a parade ground of illusion. The “arrogant,” in the Psalm are people who are “clamorously foolish.” They make a big deal of their “scores” and “conquests.” They high-five every successful lie and beat their drums every time they reach a new level of immoral behavior.

Inside such people is a heart that produces an illusion with every beat. Their eyes get fat with the fantasies they confuse with reality and they begin living on the basis of their illusion.

These folk have one creed: “Follow your heart!” But it’s a deadly cycle. The heart produces fantasies, their eyes can see only the mirage conjured by the heart. They are hapless dogs forever chasing their tails. Let your head instruct your heart. Take in God’s truth and let the heart build its dreams around His word.

Ask the Lord to establish His eternal word as the basis of your dreams and hopes, rather than relying on fantasies created by a heart celebrating its own accomplishments.

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