Inventory of the heart

July 02, 2018
…He knows the secrets of the heart. - PSALM 44:21

My dad had a country store. Periodically, he would close it down, and we’d all have to count every item on hand. The inventory was tedious, tiresome work, but essential for keeping the enterprise profitable. Invariably, on some hidden shelf, we would find a useless product, collecting dust that no one wanted. We knew not to spend precious money on restocking that item!

It’s important to do an inventory of the spiritual and moral heart. What’s in there, causing pain, motivating actions, influencing the self and others? The hidden things, like unresolved resentments, empty beliefs and doubts, lustful imaginations crowd out the good and pure. The only way you find the hidden items is to conduct an inventory.

The Holy Spirit knows the back shelves of your heart, and He knows what’s there. Allow Him to conduct the inventory. It’s the way to keep your heart profitable.

Spend some quality time with the Lord. Ask the Holy Spirit to inventory your heart of the items there that are useless and unprofitable. Make a list in a journal, and repent for each one. Strike out each item as you deal with it, then tear up and throw away the whole page.

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