Live from the overflow!

November 07, 2018
For with Thee is the fountain of life … "He who believes in Me, as the Scripture said, 'From his innermost being shall flow rivers of living water.'" - PSALM 36:9; JOHN 7:38

“Preach from the overflow!” a preaching professor used to tell his students. People sometime see my library, the tool of my trade. “Have you read all these books?” they ask. “No,” I reply. “I’ve read some of them, some many times, others a chapter and some are here for reference.” 

People also ask me, “Do you remember all you read?” I tell them, “No. I fill up and pour it out, fill up and pour it out, fill up and pour it out …” That’s how we’re all to live in Christ. We are to “drink” Him into our innermost being, our heart, and then live through the overflow.

Overflow living is thriving from grace’s prosperity, not from the poverty of compliance with the Law. Overflow living is doing spontaneously the things that conform to the character of life. Overflow living is the outpouring through our bodies of Him Who is the Fountain of life!

Commit to turning aside from all the other “fountains” and drink from the one that leads to quality living.

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