Making wise choices

November 28, 2017
GENESIS 13:11 - So Lot chose for himself all the valley of the Jordan; and Lot journeyed eastward.

When the time came for Abram and Lot to part company, Abram gave Lot his choice of land in which to dwell. He gave Lot “first pick” so there would be no animosity between them. But Lot did not choose well. He decided to homestead in a place called Sodom...a place that would become synonymous with sin and disaster.

How could Lot have made such a poor choice? Easy. Lot looked with his eyes. He saw a lovely, well-watered valley. He saw prosperity and riches and ease. Because generally speaking, we see what we love. When I go to another town, I see churches. I look at their steeples, their grounds, their doors and windows. That’s my love. I love the church. I have a good friend who sees cleaning businesses because that is his love. He’ll drive through a small town and say, “Gosh, look at that, they’ve got a dry- cleaning operation.” I wouldn’t see it...but he does. Lot loved the easy life...and he saw a glimpse of it in Sodom. So he chose the valley. But in so choosing, he lost everything.

When we choose with only ourselves in mind, we mix together the deep drink of selfishness and godlessness with disregard for future consequences. And the combination—as Lot discovered—can be deadly.

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