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March 08, 2023
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“For to me, to live is Christ…” 
Philippians 1:21

What the Apostle Paul is saying here is, “The purpose of my life is to magnify Christ.” In other words, he is declaring that his life is to be a theater in which Jesus Christ is on the center stage. Paul knew that the purpose of his life was to glorify and to exalt Christ. Christ was to be on center stage whether he was making tents (remember he was a tent-maker), or walking or eating or speaking. He did not separate the secular from the sacred, but saw all of life as a unit.

The goal of our lives should be to make sure Christ is on center stage. He alone defines and gives meaning and purpose and significance to any life that is worth living. For me, to live…is Christ. If your life is a theater, whose name is on the marquee?

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