August 12, 2021
"I stretch out my hands to You; My soul longs for you, as a parched land." - PSALM 143:6

We all go through droughts – dry periods in our lives. This was true of David in our scripture passage. His dryness was not due to a physical thirst for water. Instead, David was parched spiritually. He said his cure was to “spread out his hands” to God, meaning he prayed.

When we are parched, praying is not high on our priority list, but digging the well of worshipful prayer is the way to quench the thirst of a dry heart. So when you experience spiritual drought, set aside time to wait in God’s presence. Immerse yourself in the worship of the Most High. Stretch yourself out before Him so He can rain on your parched heart and spiritually renew your soul.

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