Standing close to the edge

November 28, 2017
2 TIMOTHY 2:22 - Flee from youthful lusts, and pursue righteousness, faith, love and peace, with those who call upon the Lord from a pure heart.

Anytime God’s parameters for sexual expression are taught, someone inevitably asks a question like, “Well, if unmarried persons are not to have sexual intercourse, what can they do with one another and still be within bounds?” That’s just like human nature, isn’t it? We want to know just how close to danger we can lurk without inviting disaster. The answer to the question lies in God’s prohibition of pornea, or lustful activity between the unmarried. Bluntly speaking, any activity that is sexually provocative to the parties involved should be avoided.

When my son Ed attended Florida State University on a basketball scholarship, he discovered how tough it is to prepare physically, mentally and emotionally for a game you may not play. As a freshman, Ed spent a lot of time on the bench, even though he suited up, made practice shots, stretched, dribbled and shot free throws before every game. When the time for tip-off came, Ed would have worked up a sweat. Then the starting lineups were announced, and Ed—loose, warmed up and ready to play—would take his seat at the end of the bench. He was trained, prepared and disciplined, but he didn’t get into the game. It wasn’t his time. If you are unmarried, the time for you to enjoy the expression of your sexuality through intercourse has not arrived. Don’t choose to make yourself miserable and frustrated by constantly “warming up” for a game you are not yet slated to play.