Talking to You

February 27, 2021
“I will never forget your precepts, for by them you have preserved my life.” - PSALM 119:93

We are Phi Beta Kappa in rationalization, in being defensive, and in blaming others. We put things in our closet of forgetfulness rather than deal with truth, even when it is piercing and accurate.

I remember a cartoon years ago. It showed the pastor, and his arm was about 30 feet long. It extended all the way to the back row of the church. His finger was pointing right at a man seated there. And the man’s wife punched him and said, ‘I think he’s talking about you.’

Is God using something – or someone – to get your attention? He loves you so much He will use almost any means possible to communicate His truth to you.

Commit right now to receive it…and to act on it.