The enchanted heart

June 20, 2018
…and they did not repent of their murders nor of their sorceries nor of their immorality nor of their thefts. - REVELATION 9:21

“I almost got chopped up!” reported my friend, an avid amateur astronomer. Seems he arose long before dawn and laid down in the middle of a golf course to look at the brilliant stars. He became so entranced by the glimmering galaxies he didn’t hear the lawnmower trimming the green where he was stretched out.

“Follow your heart” is advice popular today. My buddy’s heart was enchanted by the beauty of the universe, and it almost killed him. So the “enchantments” that distract the heart can surprise us with sudden death.

“Sorceries” are the techniques by which the fallen culture tries to enchant our hearts. The Greek term is pharmakeus, from which we get the “pharmacy” family of words, and means “a spell-giving potion.” When the heart gets hypnotized by the enchantments of the world, it becomes distracted from the very things that can tear it apart.

What enchants your heart to the extent it distracts you from all else, including dangers? Ask the Lord to so control your heart that nothing could allure it away from Him.

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