The heart’s business

June 01, 2018
And he said unto them, How is it that ye sought me? Wist ye not that I must be about my Father's business? (KJV) - LUKE 2:50

Sometimes the apparent business is not the real business. I read of MBAs trained to identify the actual enterprise of a corporation. Seems obvious British Petroleum is about oil, Hewlett-Packard computers and printers and General Motors cars and trucks. That’s not the case at all, says the theory.

For example, long ago, some companies made buggies. When the automobile appeared, the buggy-makers folded. However, say the experts, had the buggy-crafters understood they were not really in the buggy-making business, but the transportation business, they would have survived.

Jesus had a clear understanding of the business of His heart. When He spoke the words to Mary and Joseph, Jesus was an apprentice carpenter. His business was to make things, one might conclude. But Jesus knew the enterprise of His heart was the carpentry of human lives. His business was to assemble a human being! Your immediate ambition, trade and skill are not the core business of your heart. Loving God and others is, and when you discover that, you won’t lose your heart when your earthly enterprise fades and fails.

Commit yourself to be about the Father’s business, and express your willingness to set aside personal agendas for the sake of His work in and through you.

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