The magnanimous heart

August 27, 2018
…whoever is of a willing heart, let him bring it as the LORD’s contribution: gold, silver, and bronze… - EXODUS 35:5

The magnanimous heart is one that gives lavishly and cheerfully. That’s the kind of heart described in EXODUS 35:5. As Moses gathers resources for construction of the Tabernacle, he looks for people with extraordinarily generous hearts.

When it comes to giving, the heart passes through grades like a child advancing in school. First comes miserly obligation, then comes dutiful faithfulness, followed by willing obedience, moving to happy generosity, arriving at the peak of cheerful magnanimity.

Few people are born with a magnanimous heart, just as few are born with the genius to hop from first grade to university. The extraordinary heart develops and grows. In fact, one of the measures of spiritual growth is the index of magnanimity. Moses knew that when he called for contributions there would be some who would dash forward, wanting to be first.

Developing your heart to magnanimity is a worthy goal. The person whose heart is magnanimous in giving material resources is magnanimous in everything else!

How would you rate your giving? Ask the Lord to develop a magnanimous heart within you.

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