The “Ouch Place”

May 31, 2018
"Come, let us return to the LORD. For He has torn us, but He will heal us; He has wounded us, but He will bandage us.” - HOSEA 6:1

God sometimes wounds us in order to heal us.

Dr. Gatlin was a country doctor when I was a kid in Mississippi. He made house calls. And he knew how to find the core of an ailment. He would probe and ask, “Does that hurt?” He kept punching until he found the “ouch place.” When he heard the wince, he would push harder and hear a louder “Ouch!” The physician would know he had located the problem.

Sometimes that meant cutting us open, or piercing with a needle. He wounded us to heal us.

The Holy Spirit searches our hearts, probing for the “ouch place.” When He touches it, we may weep, or feel angry, or even experience heartache. We think He’s wounding us, when in reality, He’s healing us. 

When you feel the “ouch” in your heart, welcome the work of the Holy Spirit convicting you of the sin that can destroy you. Allow Him to apply the healing medicine of Christ’s salvation to the “ouch place.”

Think about where your feel the spiritual “ouches,” and meditate on what God may be saying to you through the sensitive spots in your spiritual heart.