The profaning heart

August 02, 2018
“And you shall not profane My holy name, but I will be sanctified among the sons of Israel; I am the LORD who sanctifies you…” - LEVITICUS 22:32

“God” and “Jesus” are profaned constantly on television and in movies, thereby proving, in an indirect way, the truth of the Gospel. No one ever shouts “O Buddha!” You don’t hear an expletive, “Holy Mohammed!” Cursing is driven by the powers of darkness. They revile no name like they loathe “Jesus,” and “God,” as people speak them reverently. So, the devil and his demons love to hear people speak these names irreverently.

The only person responding to the influence of darkness is that one whose heart is profane. When the Oval Office tapes of Presidents Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon were played, their hearts were revealed. What was “whispered in the inner rooms” was “proclaimed upon the housetops.” (LUKE 12:3)

When a person uses God’s name—including “Jesus”—profanely, he or she is saying, “I’m not even afraid of God.” It was He who commanded that His name not be used in vain and the person who does so is showing openly they don’t respect God’s Law.

Spend time today blessing God’s Name in all its forms identified in the Bible.

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