The untroubled heart

February 12, 2018
Let not your heart be troubled; believe in God, believe also in Me. - JOHN 14:1

My dad was a troubleshooter for the local power company. If the power went out anywhere in our region, my father would get things humming again.  “Troubleshooter” is a terrific job description because trouble abounds in a fallen world.

Some people believe Christian will never have problems. That’s shallow triumphalism, as we saw in a previous meditation. Others think Christians will have troubles but not be troubled by them. But Jesus is not calling us to stone-faced insensitivity.           

What Jesus is saying is that our hearts can be untroubled when we recognize that He is fully God and on our side. We may wince in our pain and feel the stress of our problems, but if we believe in Jesus as He is, we will recognize that even though we have an adversary, the devil, we have an Advocate Who is the only begotten Son of God, God over all!

Think about a troubling situation you face now and the implications of Jesus as your friend and advocate in that situation.

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