The wise heart

March 12, 2018
The wise of heart will receive commands, but a babbling fool will be thrown down.  –PROVERBS 10:8
Wisdom involves the head and the heart. If you follow only your heart, then your uncontrolled emotions will drive you over the cliff. Use only your head and you’ll miss the nuanced bends in the road and plummet over the precipice.

Once I had a monkey on my back, a big need in our ministry. A solution was recommended and my heart liked it, but my head wasn’t sure. So, I prayed, but I forgot to ask the Lord for wisdom. I went with my heart. However, one morning I awakened to the realization I had gotten a monkey off my back but had a gorilla in my arms! My mistake was going forward before my head and heart were in agreement.

Wise hearted individuals “receive commands” from both the head and the heart. If they’re wise, they know to wait until head and heart are compatible before deciding. Wiseheartedness will keep you from foolhardiness.

Seek the Lord for the wisdom to wait until your head and heart are in agreement before implementing decisions.
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