The worshipping heart

July 16, 2018
I will give thanks to the LORD with all my heart; I will tell of all Thy wonders. …I will give Thee thanks with all my heart; I will sing praises to Thee before the gods. - PSALM 9:1; 138:1

We are here to be worshippers first and workers second. God put the universe together with purpose, and there’s not one useless thing anywhere. He created flowers to be beautiful, birds to sing, trees to bear fruit and animals to feed and clothe humanity.              

As for humans, God created us to be worshippers. If we don’t accept our high mission the very stones will cry out! (LUKE 19:40) But God created us in His image for fellowship and the zenith of fellowship is worship. This is why God gave us a heart. The human heart is a many-stringed instrument, covering the widest range of chords. When we sin, we take this glorious harp and hurl it into the mud and there it lies, rusted, broken and unstrung.

Jesus Christ comes and picks up the heart-harp, cleanses it from the mire and decay, and restrings it. Through His Spirit, the music returns to the heart. The worship comes first because the work done by a worshipper will have eternity in it.

Choose psalms that express worship to God and word them into your own expressions of worship, praise and gratitude.

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