Three types of anger

June 13, 2018
Do not be eager in your heart to be angry, for anger resides in the bosom of fools. - ECCLESIASTES 7:9

We’ve all seen folks eager to pick a fight. Their hearts fume with eagerness to be angry. One form I tag “Rodney Dangerfield anger.” “I don’t get no respect,” was the constant lament of the late comedian. His anger type is that of the person feeling demeaned. 

“Smothers Brothers anger” was expressed by Tom to his brother, Dick, in a pathetic punch-line, “Mom always liked you best.” This anger beats in the heart of the person who feels his personal needs were neglected in the interest of someone else. Finally is “Joe McCarthy anger.” The 1950s-era senator, admirably, understood the dangers of communism, but his heart seethed with anger so broad it blanketed even some innocent people. This is generalized anger, lumping whole classes of people into one despised group.

The heart constantly seething with anger resides in a fool’s chest, says the Scripture. If you have an angry spirit, treat it as you would any other sin, and receive God’s grace and forgiveness.

Ask God to go to the root of your anger, and tear it out. Confess your anger as sin. Ask the Lord’s forgiveness, and trust His grace.