Torn Curtain

April 14, 2022
And behold, the veil of the temple was torn in two from top to bottom; and the earth shook and the rocks were split. - Matthew 27:51

The "veil of the temple" refers to the inner curtain of the "Holy of Holies," which resided in the center of the Old Testament temple of worship. The curtain severely restricted access to God to a privileged few. Now, the gates to God's presence are open wide to all who would enter through the cross of Jesus Christ. God Himself tore the curtain in two, proclaiming that in Jesus' death, the final sacrifice has been made for our sins.

Imagine how horrified religious leaders in Jesus' day must have become to know that no one had been allowed near the Holy of Holies and yet, somehow, the veil had been torn. Did any of them finally believe Jesus' words, that a new way had been opened up for us to draw near to God – centered not on imperfect obedience to the commandments, but through the perfect life and now sacrifice of Jesus Christ?

Envision walking through that torn curtain and seeing for the first time the ark of the testimony, a wooden box overlaid inside and out with pure gold and the mercy seat, also made of pure gold with 2 golden cherubim at each end, facing one another with their wings covering the mercy seat and faces looking down. The golden table of showbread with the bread of Presence and golden utensils are also there along with the golden lampstand.

Celebrate your access to God, won for you through the obedience, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. We who were alienated from God, even under His wrath, have been brought near, cleansed, forgiven, and granted complete and full access into God’s favor and presence.


Heavenly Father, thank You for receiving the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on my behalf, for tearing away the veil that kept me from You, and for granting me access to enter Your holy presence. May I fully receive Your forgiveness and mercy this Easter season. As I prepare to approach the cross on which, solely, my access is granted, may I have the confidence and full assurance to enter Your presence.v Thank you Lord for tabernacling with me.

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