Tricking the heart

July 28, 2018
If anyone thinks himself to be religious, and yet does not bridle his tongue but deceives his own heart, this man's religion is worthless. - JAMES 1:26

“Stick out your tongue!” old Doc Gatlin commanded when I was a child. The tongue would tell him about my health. Spiritually, that’s also true. The “tongue,” the way we speak, reveals the condition of the heart.      

The deceiver is a master at distracting you with his left hand while his right finagles illusion. That’s what a man or woman with a stinging tongue does with regard to the heart. He or she does a flim-flam, persuading the heart it is devout.

To be “religious” means to be ceremonious and pious. So here comes Mr. Sanctimonious or Ms. Piosity, smug in the confidence they are the nearest thing to God around. Everyone in their path who knows them scampers out the way, lest they get blistered with their flame-thrower tongues! Their gullible hearts swell with devout confidence when in reality their religion is meaningless to them and unprofitable to everyone else. They “stick out” their tongue and it tells all.

Who have you wounded with your sarcasm, criticism or angry words? Seek God’s forgiveness, and ask Him for the way and opportunity to express your sorrow and ask their forgiveness.

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