When God Entered History

August 31, 2023
When God Entered History
"And He began to say to them, 'Today this Scripture has been fulfilled in your hearing.'"
Luke 4:21

What if a person claimed to be God, and that person entered this world, what would he be like? That is a valid question. If God entered the world, what would you expect? I think you’d expect an unusual entrance into human life. His birth would be dramatic and different. And you would expect a perfect life, someone who would live without sin. And you would expect this individual to perform miracles. You would expect that this God-man could do as he desired, including the miraculous. You would expect Him to speak the truth, and to answer the spiritual hunger in the hearts of men and women. And you would expect that he would have power over death.

If God has invaded history, and spoken to man, and paid the price for our sin and rebellion, we would expect Him to ask us to align our lives with the principles He taught and to know life – real life, right? Well – He did. And He does.

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