When your abilities are questioned

August 15, 2017
II CORINTHIANS 3:5 - Not that we are adequate in ourselves to consider anything as coming from ourselves, but our adequacy is from God.

Years ago a fellow went into a Rolls Royce dealership in New York City and began to shop for one of those premier automobiles. He had a lot of questions, and his very enthusiastic and well-informed salesperson answered them all with ease. He had almost exhausted his query and decided to purchase the car when he had a final thought: “What is the horsepower of this engine?” he asked. The salesman said, “You know, I’ve never been asked that. Let’s check with the manager.” But the manager had never been asked, either. So they consulted the literature, but were unable to find a precise answer. Not wanting to lose a lucrative sale, the sales manager placed a call to the manufacturing plant, where he was connected to one of the key engineers on the assembly line. “I’ve got a customer here ready to buy,” he said breathlessly, “but first he wants to know the horsepower on this particular model number. Can you help me?” There was a slight pause before the engineer answered the dealership manager’s question with a single word: “Adequate.”

The apostle Paul was definitely a high-powered, top-of-the-line evangelist. Even so, the Corinthians were hesitant to “buy” his preaching and teaching without a healthy dose of skepticism. They questioned his motives. His abilities. His credentials. Paul finally told them that they themselves were his letter of commendation, and that his adequacy came from an impeccable source: God Himself. When your abilities, motives and credentials as a believer are called into question, don’t panic. Your life will defend you, and the Savior Himself has already made you more than adequate for whatever task He assigns.

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