Worship Him

August 13, 2020
"For the Lord takes pleasure in His people; He will beautify the humble with salvation." - PSALM 149:4

One of the major problems with our worship is that we evaluate it by asking the wrong question. For example, we might ask someone who’s attended church: “Did you enjoy worship?” But the point of worship is not that we enjoy it, although we certainly should, but that God enjoys it; that He is pleased and honored by it. So a better question would be, “Did God enjoy your worship?”

In worship, God is the audience, and we are on stage. If our worship is true and God-honoring, He is blessed by every hymn sung, every word proclaimed, every gift given, and every testimony spoken. Worship is all about Him … and all for Him. So let me ask: Does God get pleasure out of the worship you offer Him?

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