You don’t owe the old landlord anything

November 28, 2017
ROMANS 6:11 - Even so consider yourselves to be dead to sin, but alive to God in Christ Jesus.

No one names his child Judas. Have you noticed? The name Judas is associated with betrayal…in fact, it is a pejorative term. But I do not believe Judas was Satan incarnate (as some have suggested), or even that he was a man whose intentions were evil from the start. He had the potential to become a committed follower of Christ, but he allowed his fleshly nature to sway his thinking—and ultimately, his actions.

Imagine that you live in an apartment house owned by a mean, spiteful landlord. You’ve been late on the rent, and he has charged you exorbitant interest. You are so far into debt to him that you could not move out if you wanted to. This landlord controls your life, and abuses you because you have no recourse. Then one day, a new landlord comes, announcing that he has bought the building. The slate is wiped clean. All debts are canceled. But still, the old landlord calls, saying, “You owe me. You owe me. Pay up.” Guilt, fear and habit could keep you in bondage to the old landlord…but you wouldn’t have to be. You are under new management. You could ask your old landlord to take up his claims with the new owner.

When pressure and fear and disappointment began to hammer Judas, when he was stumbling and debating about what the future might hold, he could have talked to Jesus. He was with Him every day. But he didn’t. He kept listening to the old landlord. When Satan tries to get his hooks in you, you are not doomed to fall. You don’t owe him anything. Tell him you’re under new management. Tell him to take it up with the new landlord.

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