You’re doing a great job!

September 28, 2017
ROMANS 16:19 - For the report of your obedience has reached to all; therefore I am rejoicing over you...

Words of encouragement are among the world’s best bargains. They cost so little and can accomplish so much. To hear one’s name along with an affirming, “Good job!” quite literally can change a life. Growing up, I was the textbook definition of “average.” Average is the best of the worst, and the worst of the best, and that was me. But in the tenth grade, we had a new history teacher who did not know that I was only average. We were assigned to write a half-page paper on some patriotic subject, and I went home that night and really worked at that little paper. The next day in class, Mr. West said he had graded our papers, and that they were the worst he’d ever seen...except for one. “One paper,” he said, “was just outstanding. Edwin Young, would you lift your hand?” And from the back row, timidly, I raised my hand, and turned a corner as a student. I began to use what giftedness I had. I developed a love for history, and majored in it in college. I became a fellow in the history department, and graded papers for a professor in that department. All because someone rejoiced in me and said, “Good job.”

Has anyone rejoiced over you? Paul rejoiced over his Christian brothers and sisters in Rome, calling many of them by name at the end of his letter. He said, “I rejoice in your obedience, and I have big plans, big dreams for you. I want you to be strong in the faith, and effective in your witness. And by the way – you’re doing a great job!”