Joel’s Leap of Faith!

January 23, 2023

God often calls us to take big leaps of faith. Your support is helping encourage listeners to be obedient to His voice—even when it’s scary.

You help reach listeners like Joel*, who shared...

“I have been a Christian for over 35 years, but I backslid a long way. A couple of years ago, God reminded me that He called me to be His. He did it in a big way and twice confirmed what He was telling me: to enter the ministry.
If someone told me three years ago that I would be standing in a pulpit and preaching God's message, I wouldn’t have believed them. But that is what happened.
I was driving home from work today and heard your sermon about your testimony and your calling. I needed to hear it—and I get it! Thank you.”

Imagine how many more people will be touched by the gospel, because Joel chose to be faithful to his calling. Thank you for helping encourage him in his leap of faith!

*Name changed 

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